HessenVilla's True Love

06.09.2014    gestromt mwA   VDH-CBD 2819
Kennedy's Wild Rock N'Roll with HessenVilla   
AKC NP28140703
Pic-A-Dillie Kennedy of Bramley   
AKC NP 105996/01
Sunwood's Date with Destiny   
AKC NP 057489/03
Sunwood's Repeat Performance   
AKC NM 725253/04
Sunwood's Comet by Cosmo   
AKC NM 879325/01
Pic-A-Dillie's Cosmic Sweetheart   
AKC NP 015124/02
Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray   
AKC NM 816494/03
Sunwood's Pic-A-Dillie   
AKC NM 846386/04
Wild's Kiss This at Kennedy   
AKC NP 185117/02
Kennedy's Pucker Up for Donmar   
AKC NP141120/01
Pequoag Gatekeeper For Kennedy   
AKC NM 889611/03
Kennedy's Urban Legend   
AKC NP 040337/01
Kennedy N Wild's Got Me In Stitches   
AKC NP115552/02
Kennedy's Elite Maestro Teddy   
AKC NM88717701
Pequoag's Call of the Wild   
HessenVilla's Love me Tender   
VDH-CBD 2390
T-Bo's Dandy Diamonds   
AKC NP 20625801
T-Bo's Top Gun For Hire   
AKC NP 03147603
Kennedy's Knoty Solo Act   
AKC 92581701
T-Bo's Only Time Will Tell   
AKC NP 002817/02
Kean-T-Bo's Cajun Delight   
AKC NP 054828/01
Motif's Capt. Nathan Brittles   
AKC NM 90983302
Nomarim's Dixieland Delight   
AKC NM 829824/01
Cara Mia von der Hessenvilla   
VDH-CBD 1507
Kennedy's Ted Williams Way   
AKC 10307601
Kennedy's Wild Renegater   
AKC NP 06464901
Kennedy's Naughty Nadia   
AKC NM 88057403
Amore Mi von der Hessenvilla   
VDH-CBD 1230
Kennedy's Western Legend   
AKC 1090652
Irish Cream Beauty Gremlins   
SK 228
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